Nova : The Phoenix Prophecy Book One by Author Cara Clare

 ARC Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Dedication for this book by the author, "Mom, if you're reading this. . .stop now!"

I found this comical because the book doesn't disappoint in the spice category.

Nova's at a rally for the Anti Magick Alliance, a radical group of people not wanting humans to be around supers. With her horrible boyfriend, Nova soon wakes up to realize this life isn't one at all. And the birthday present Johnny bestowed on her isn't a gift at all! After a series of events and needing to flee the town, she called "home", Nova plunges onto a bus. Not caring about the destination or where it might lead.

From the moment Nova sets foot in the quiet town of Phoenix Falls, everything changes. A particular group of men who live at the mansion nicknamed The Hollow really feel the effects of Nova's presence in the town. Their world really flips on its head when they begin to unravel some things about Nova. 

A prophecy that was foreseen of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, fated to five who are not what they seem. A woman with mysterious powers she doesn't even fully know about. A past laced with secrets that she can't even remember. An ex who's coming out for vengeance. Will Nova be able to manage? Can she just catch a break? And why are these feelings popping up?

"One thing I've learned about you, Nova, is that you don't abide by the same rules as everyone else." -Tanner

The author did randomly introduce two new characters almost halfway through the book. At first, I was confused and wondering if she just forgot to add them in and decided they worked at that juncture. But toward the end of the story, you understand where the characters tie into. So just go with it, trust me the twist with one character in particular was worth it!

There is MM action and solo F action. Along with MF and MFM action in this book. Some of the other relationships are going to be a slow burn, but worth the wait. There are some dark elements within this book so check the trigger warnings. Nova's ex is very toxic and one of the things he did to her was horrible. But without a backstory like Nova has, we wouldn't get to see her grow into this very strong female lead.

Dark backgrounds help to set the stage for the present and future. Giving stronger impact to scenes as well as seeing a character's growth. Choosing to move forward with strength and confidence. This book does contain language and we get to enjoy multiple POVs.

This was a great first book in the series and I want to read more! Enjoy the read and give the author some stars!

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