Muscles & Monsters : Leviathan Fitness Book 1 Author Ashley Bennett

"Food and a Sexy Wolf?"

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, the dedication the author did for this book!

"To anyone who's ever felt something for an anime wolf. . ."

Instantly had me! I began reading and just knew I had found the right series and author.

Tegan's a wedding cake bakery shop owner, what a mouth full. After an eventful day and having a cake disaster Tegan decides it's time, she gets stronger so she can lift cakes by herself. Without having to rely on a wolfman to come and save her. Despite how handsome. . .and strong a certain wolfman is. . . Only she has no clue where to start!

Que Atlas who just so happens to be the owner of a gym. With gentle nudges and encouragements from her mom, Tegan puts on her leggings and goes for it. But will she be able to accomplish what she needs to? And why's that wolf so darn attractive? Will he even notice her?

Tegan's a plus sized, strong female lead and an amazing baker. But she frowns on her body while Atlas sees nothing wrong with it. Helping her to see herself in a different light. While she helps him through his obsession with having to go to the gym and workout every day. Not being able to enjoy meals fully or delicious cupcakes!

There are unfortunately cons on both sides of the spectrum. Finding the balance is key. Plus, Atlas CANNOT pass up the opportunity to eat Tegan's baked goods. No matter how hard he tries or tells himself no. His tail gives him away. Having a mind of its own and wagging anytime Tegan's near. His tail had me laughing on multiple occasions!

This is a very sweet, fluffy, and romantic read with a duo POVs. MF action within. If you do not like primal kinks, then this may not be for you. Think Red Riding Hood with a Big Bad Wolf, only she WANTS the wolf to chase her through the woods. Safe words included and aftercare amongst other things.

Very much enjoyed this quick paced read and ready for the next book! Wolves are not the only "monsters" integrating into this society with humans. We get to see other characters as well. I hear Reece will be the star of the next book. . !

Do enjoy the read with a wolf daddy and give the author some stars!

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