Could Have Been Us (Could Have Been #1) Author Camilla Evergreen

ARC Reviewer

4.5 out of 5 stars!

Set to Release July 28, 2022!

"A sweet, small town romcom." 

"Clean and weather-appropriate are always my only concerns." - Harper

That's how I feel when I go clothes shopping! Harper doesn't have the best taste in fashion but she's too focused on other things. Like the whole thing of her only best friend getting a girl friend to her no longer being in his life! After so long of being together. . .

What really turns everything upside down is a man in leather stealing her parking spot on a most sacred of days! Book Day! Come to walk in and find Mr. Steal Your Parking Spot in her office as well. He is the new boss and I'm pretty sure Harper wishes she had "accidently" ran him over. Her life is in a constant stream of bad events. When it rains. . .it pours!

This was such a great Romcom (Romantic Comedy). I enjoyed the banter between Harper and her new boss. The dynamic and tension between the two was perfect. Also! Love a man who will openly read Harlequin romances. He also very much knows his stuff when it comes to books. He's very willing to buy five hundred dollars worth of books as well. I wish I could go into a book store and drop that kind of money!

Harper's a big time reader as well and would rather remain indoors on the weekends reading than out partying/clubbing. She also reviews books and wishes to be an author but with Mr. Leather can she accomplish that? I even enjoyed a scene where she saw hard cover books being dropped to the ground and was so focused on that. She literally had to TELL herself to stop focusing on the books, that it wasn't the important part. I mean I would be the same though. Hardbacks may be sturdy and all but they are not cheap!

Bianca is also incredible! I want to see more of her story in maybe a future read. She may be small but she's a spitfire and even makes you question what's under her bubbly personality. I mean I have met several people that their personality and demeanor is very happy. If a bubbly person isn't being their usual self, either see if you can help out or run and don't look back.

I loved Bianca and her support. My favorite line from her:

"We both know I've forgiven morally gray book boyfriends for genocide, so. . ." - Bianca

I love that so many authors are coming out with characters who are like us and enjoy reading and reviewing! Even making references to books.

The part that hit a little close to home for me was Tanner, Harper's best friend. His character and attitude along with Harper being able to step out of the situation and looking in from an outsider's viewpoint. I can completely relate to! I don't want to give too much away but Tanner reminded me of my toxic ex. This is a fluffy read so things are apparent between the characters but mild.

I really loved the banter between the main characters so much! I also loved Harper's Book Days! Sacred days within the month dedicated to going to the local bookstore and buying new reads.

This was a great small town, fluffy romance with a curvy, feisty female lead! Enemies to lovers with some other tropes within. This book was a very clean read with multiple POVs. Some moments of passion but nothing detailed or spicy! It had a HEA ending and the author gave a little sneak peek into the next book in the series. Each book being a standalone but I imagine we will see this cast again in book two.

Will be reading more from this author as well as the fantasy books under her other pen name! Her "alter ego" Anne Stryker. Enjoy the sweet romance, with great banter, witty character dynamics and be sure to give the author some stars!


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